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She has been making art for however long she can remember. She took her first drawing class when she was 10 back in her home town in the south of France. Since then, she has always drawn or painted with pencils, charcoal, sepia, sanguine, ink, pastels, watercolours, acrylics and even shoe polish… More or less good pieces resulted from these experiments! Her main focus in her teens and early twenties was drawing portraits and nudes with soft pastels. She then moved on to sculpting with clay still making heads and nudes. One of her main exhibitions in Paris in 2015 included close to 30 flying nude sculptures in different postures and colours at Espace Stand-Art in the heart of the French capital. 


Sculpting taught to her by Eugene N’Sonde, incredible sculptor in Paris, revealed to her the texture and depth she was missing in her earlier drawings and paintings. It taught her to let go and listen to her inspiration and instincts. It made her feel one with her creations. A physical bond. She has kept this bond in her latest landscape drawings and paintings most of which are now featured on @marieseguretart on instagram. She feels so close to them, like giving birth to an individual and letting them find their own personality and way in life and as a parent she is always amazed at how they turn out. She is proud of them - generally. Some turn out high in colours and very confident, others are more subtle and discrete while others still are so shy that one needs to work a little to understand what they mean. Overall, they all have something of her: they are happy and colourful. They are somehow realistic (unless they want to retreat into some abstraction for a while), fun and do not take themselves too seriously!

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